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Mia Stillness

Mia Maestro Stillness Community
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About Mia Stillness
mia_stillness is a community dedicated to non-animated icons of Mia Maestro. We are your moderators, sourangel47 and thislittlelady. When an icon is chosen as "mods' choice", it's us that have picked it. Lovely to meet you. :) If you are familiar with stillness communities, you'll know that only the moderators has posting access. If you are not familiar with them, you should know that this is because, frankly, we're the only one who needs it. Curious? See below.

1. (Hey, maybe it's in bold because it's the most important!) Icons cannot be animated.
2. Icon submissions must remain anonymous. Please do not post your icons elsewhere until voting is over.
3. No voting for yourself. It's just dirty, gross, and wrong. Action will be taken against members who infringe upon this rule because we want a fair community to compete in!
4. Icons should fit LiveJournal's requirements: 100x100 pixels and 40kb or less. Otherwise, what's the point?

1. First of all, your icon(s) will need to be uploaded somewhere. Angelfire, Geocities, etc. will not work, but Photobucket or Imageshack will.
2. Entries should be submitted in the form of a comment to the challenge post.
3. Icons need to be submitted with the img src tag (so the icon is displayed) and the url...'cause seriously? It'll make my life a lot easier. Thanks. Want an example? Like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1. Challenges will open on Sunday. They will be up at 11:00PM EST, at the latest.
2. Challenges will close on Friday night. The latest they will be open will be until 11:00PM EST.
3. Voting will open as soon as the challenge closes on Friday. You will have until Sunday night to cast your votes.
4. Winners will be announced on Monday, and banners will be up shortly thereafter, depending on how much time we take to make them.

1. For the time being, votes must be cast by commenting to the appropriate post.
2. Please list your choices for the blank challenge first. The number of choices you can have will be related to the number of icons that have been entered. Obviously, if there are only 2 submissions, we can't very well have first, second, and third places.
3. Please list your choices for the cap challenge second.
4. Please list your choices for the special challenge (if any) last.
5. Voting more than once is not permitted. It's just as gross as voting for yourself.

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