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Hello members!

I'll like to take this chance to turn your attention to our Week 7 Challenge! We hardly get entries but this time round, it's bad. No entries so far even after weeks of putting up the challenge, and well, I guess you could say this is a desperate plea.

Advertise around your LJ! Spread the word about mia_stillness! You know, I'll even throw in free graphics as incentives just to get people to enter the challenges.

As always, if any other communities want to affiliate, please leave a comment here - It'll be deeply appreciated.
love and dohrbell.

Week 7 Challenge!

I haven't made a proper introduction since joining Jenn here as a co-mod for this stillness community, so here's my hello and an invitation to add me on your friends list if you'll like to know me better. :) Also, here's our apologies for taking so long putting this new challenge up.

Now, this week's challenge!



Entries should be submitted as a comment (or comments, if you're anything like me) which will be screened. Do remember to follow the rules, and more importantly, let your muse(s) take over and have fun creating these little boxes! There is, as usual, no limit to the number of icons you can enter -- the more the merrier, especially with Christmas coming so soon now!

The deadline for this challenge is the 16th of December.

Extended deadline: 23rd December

13th of January, now.
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I'd like to just take a moment to extend a great big welcome to thislittlelady, mia_stillness's new moderator!

*throws a party*

The next challenge will be up soon, as she and I are still working out the details of it. Some of you may have noticed the new color scheme and header, so thank you to her for taking care of that!

Finally, if any of you have comments or suggestions, please please please post them here. We'd love to see more entries in the challenges, and it would be best if we knew what YOU wanted. Thanks!
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Submit your vote by commenting to this post. All posts will be screened. Do not vote for yourself, and I will know, especially this week. Please vote for your ONE favorite. (I know I always leave that part out.) Voting will be open until Thursday, September 8th.

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Challenge closed.

Voting up later today, when I get a free minute from classes and studying.

On that note, I need a co-mod! I need someone who can carry the responsibilities of the community if I am consumed with work. You will still be able to participate in the challenges, but you will be held to the same expectations regarding the rules as everyone else. If you're interested, or have any questions, let me know by commenting to this post.

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Week 6 Challenge

Welcome to Week 6 everyone!

Like I said in the previous post, this week's challenge will be a bit different.

You will be creating the new mia_stillness banner! Yeah, yeah, I know, all the stillness communities are doing this, but I needed something a bit more complex than an icon so I could justify giving you a longer amount of time to get it done.

You may use pictures of Mia Maestro from anywhere, but you must credit the website(s) you find them. Ideally, the header should not be more than 800 pixels in length, but you won't be disqualified if it is. (However, if it IS an unreasonable size, I will be resizing it.) You can use any colors you'd like, and I will change the colors of the layout accordingly. Somewhere on the header it must say (and be large enough to read) "Mia_stillness" and "". Beyond that, go crazy with it.

Oh yeah, there's also no limit to the number of times you can enter. ^_^

If something else comes up, I will edit this post, so it might be a good idea to check it every so often.

Deadline: Friday, August 26th.

Submit entries as comments to this post. All comments will be screened. Remember the rules when creating your entries.

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Voting will be extended until Tuesday night since not enough votes have been cast to warrant posting winners.

C'mon guys, I really don't want to make it mandatory that you vote if you submit icons, but'd be awesome if you did.


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